The purpose of the award is to encourage good high school students without adequate financial means to attend regionally accredited two or four-year colleges or universities or vocational or technical schools, and to support the recipients’ success by relieving them of some financial pressure during their college years.
Source of Fund
The fund was established in 2000 as a memorial to Winnie and Frank Harvey and in recognition of the importance they placed on higher education, as well as their lifetime commitment to Community Presbyterian Church in Atlantic Beach. Even before the organization of CPC, Winnie and Frank Harvey were members of the Community Sunday School, meeting in the old Town Hall of Atlantic Beach. Their Christian dedication to Community Presbyterian Church was only equaled by their shared opinion of the great importance of higher education, a cherished value they instilled in their own children and grandchildren. These two loved each other and others, including their family, just as Our Lord commanded.
Frank Newton Harvey (1906-1983) was the youngest of six surviving children from West Blocton, a small Alabama town. In spite of the family’s modest means, his entire sibling group earned post-secondary degrees; this was always a point of pride for the extended Harvey family. After graduating from Locust Grove Military Institute in central Georgia, Frank earned his dental degree from Atlanta Southern College, now Emory University. Frank financed his education by selling Bibles door to door. After serving as an officer in the Army Air Corps in World War II, he practiced general dentistry in Jacksonville until he retired in 1976. Frank was an honest, sincere, “gentle” man, who revered education of all kinds.
Winnie White Harvey (1909-1999) was born in Memphis, Tennessee, moved to Jacksonville when she was twelve, and was a member of the first graduating class of Lee High School. She attended Florida State College for Women, now Florida State University; however, with her family’s financial stress during the depression, she willingly withdrew from FSCW, so that her younger brother, Kenneth P. White, could attend the University of Florida. Yet, Winnie always regretted not completing her education and relished her studies, her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and her college friendships. She often recounted her delight in her studies, especially astronomy, zoology and botany. Throughout her life, she found personal applications for all she had learned at FSCW; in fact, she always kept learning, even to the end of her days. In this, she taught her children and her grandchildren to love learning and to honor education. Always with a generous and selfless spirit, Winnie quietly lived Jesus’ command, “Love One Another.”
Frank and Winnie encouraged and supported their children through college, enabling them to attend nationally-acclaimed institutions of their own choosing across the country, and all four children eventually earned advanced graduate degrees. For a time, Charles (Mac), Reese, Lavinia, and David were all faculty members at various universities, performing research, serving the academic community, and teaching graduate and undergraduate students.
For Winnie, education, like the worship of God, was a cherished experience and an essential pleasure, an activity that enriched one’s life by expanding awareness and appreciation for God’s creation and by making one a better person, better able to fulfill God’s will. She was a loving, giving person to anyone in need. She pursued learning and worship all her days, and these values she and Frank passed on as a legacy to their children and grandchildren. In this spirit of the importance of education, these gifts are now offered to others.
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