Missions of CPC

As a community of Christian believers, we at CPC feel called to be God’s hands, feet, and heart in the world.  We are dedicated to love our neighbor, feed His sheep, and minister to the stranger.  In the Gospels, Jesus calls us to reach out to our neighbors in need.  When ask who those neighbors are, he replied everyone.  At the Beaches, there are many people with plenty and there are many in need.  Members of CPC are called to be open to the needs around them and surprised at what God can do with our giving.  

We also feel called that our community is not defined by our wooden walls or our island home, but as God calls us to see needs in His world.  We work to minister to our congregation and our world to show our thanks for God’s grace.  The Mission Committee has recently set up a calendar to focus on different missions of the church every month.  (Please see it below for details.)  To support the missions, member can give money, volunteer time, or supply donations (Blue Bins).  

Please think and pray about becoming involved in mission work at CPC.  Please contact Robert McCrary (robert@cpcab.org) or Melinda Goins (mindyg86@aol.com) with questions or thoughts.  (Many of the mission pages also have contacts within CPC and at the mission itself.)

Mission of the Month Calendar

January – Beaches Habitat (building accessories and school supplies)

February – Local Schools in need (Mayport and Finegan)

March – Family Promise (cleaning supplies and other host needs)

April – Our Father’s Housewares

May – BEAM (feeding children in the summer and other needs)

June – Dial-a-Ride (Office Depot gift cards for printing and office supplies)

July – World Mission (Presbyterian Disaster Relief and Water Missions)

August – Mission House (their needs and items for Life Cycles)

September – Family Promise (cleaning supplies and other host needs)

October – TBD

November – Thanksgiving with turkeys for BEAM and others

December – Diapers (for hosting Family Promise) and Blankets (for hosting Cold Weather Shelter) for Baby Jesus!

Other Missions we Support

  • Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM)
  • Dial-a-Ride
  • Holiday Baskets
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Mission House
  • LifeCycles

​Contact Robert at robert@cpcab.org or Melinda at mindyg86@aol.com for more information regarding any of our Missions.