Another important way that Community Presbyterian Church helps to meet the spiritual needs of our community is by the support our pastors provide to those needing prayer during times of loss or illness. We also participate in the Beaches Ministerial Alliance to coordinate efforts with other churches in the Beaches community. 
Peer to peer support groups are offered through our Spiritual Care Ministry.
Spiritual Care Groups include:
  • Cancer Support
  • Parenting Support
  • Grief Support
  • Caregiving Support
These groups meet monthly, and are led by volunteers. These groups are a great place for prayer, support, and resource sharing. For more information, please contact Melissa at
Our church campus is also available to provide affordable professional counseling through “Life Renewed”, as well as through a variety of other groups that also provide needed services. Life Renewed is a non-profit group whose mission is to promote healing and growth through affordable faith-honoring counseling. Their website is Life Renewed Counseling. The counselor on our campus is Jacob Hatch and he is generally here on Fridays. Below is his contact information. 
Ashley Baughman
Phone: 904-398-2437. ext 105
Cell: 904.417.7160