Community Presbyterian Church has a knowledgable and dedicated leadership team made up of our staff and a hardworking volunteer base. We are blessed to have such a diverse group of believers working tirelessly each week to ensure that our Beaches community is thriving in faith. We encourage you to get more involved!

Robert McCrary

Minister of Community Life

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Meet Robert. Robert is an ordained minister and has been in youth ministry for almost 25 years! He is on the National Response Team for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and has led Community Presbyterian’s mission teams who respond to disasters all over the south east. As the leader on Community Presbyterian’s Living Water team, the church has served in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and The Dominican Republic. Besides serving in his ministry his passions are his family and surfing (been surfing for 50 years). Robert is married to Trish, and they have two sons, Andrew and Brian, as well as six grandchildren. 

Melissa Daniel
Director of Christian Education
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Meet Melissa. Melissa Daniel is the Director of Christian Educator at Community Presbyterian Church. Since taking this position, Melissa has maintained and grown popular programs such as 1st and 3rd Wednesday night dinner, VBS, Sunday School, Advent and Lent events, Women’s Retreat, and Church Retreat. She has also led (or participated in) adding new programs such as Christmas VBS, Spiritual Care Ministry, and monthly meetings with other area Christian educators to support one another and share ideas. Prior to working at Community Presbyterian, Melissa was a stay-at-home mom, as well as an engineer (she holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering). In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her three girls – Mia, Chloe and Alex – and husband Brian.  She also likes to run, read, and advocate for children through her involvement in PTA.

Ashley Black
Director of Preschool
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Meet Ashley. Ashley Black is the director at CPPK and is extremely blessed to work with this devoted program and church. She was born and raised in Beatrice, Nebraska, and moved to Florida in 2009 with her loving husband Jonathan. They were married in 2010, and now have two children, Benjamin and Eliza. Ashely received her Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska in education and human sciences. Out of college she worked with Head Start before moving to Jacksonville and teaching for nine years in VPK. In 2015 she completed her director’s credential with VPK endorsement and have been serving CPPK since 2018. Ashley loves hiking nature trails and enjoying the outdoors with her family. She and her husband have always loved Disney and feel like kids at heart; so, they now enjoy sharing those experiences with their children. Her indulgences are coffee and chocolate, but they will never make her as happy as watching children learn and grow. Ashely is passionate about guiding teachers to their full potential, following legislation, and impacting it in the right direction for CPPK children.
Thomas Lyons

Music Minister 

Session Members


Reverend Beverly Dempsey

Stated Clerk:

Lisa Herrold

Class of 2022

  • Mike Davis
  • Lisa Herrold
  • David Matchett
  • Jennifer Burchfield
  • Traci Kilby
  • Jackson Schrock

Class of 2023

  • Tom Beeler
    Nancy Bodge
    Melinda Goins
    Paul Herman


Class of 2022

  • Carol Anderson-Brennan
  • Joan Craddock
  • Martha Gainer
  • Kim McCormick
  • Brooks Anne Meirdierks
  • Doug and Janie Papke

Class of 2023

  • Beth Collins-Himes
    Brandy Beeler
    Hank Isaacs
    Gail Backfish
    Luanne Baldwin
    Jerry Redfield


Class of 2022

  • Jay Faulkner
  • David Harvey

Class of 2023

  • Tim Stalter
    Susan Stewart


Manages campus including maintenance, repairs, and improvements.


Frank Tappin

  • Bob Burch
  • Bruce Floyd
  • Tony Gindlesperger
  • David Lambert
  • Jeff Wight
  • David Hoppens


Manages all budgeting and church finances.


Jim Gann
  • Rick Banks
  • Nicole Brose
  • Jay Faulkner
  • Ray Fischer
  • Maria Luckey
  • Tim Stalter
  • Beech Watson


Oversees and coordinates church mission work.


Melinda Goins

  • Robert McCrary
  • Eric Wild
  • Jim Simmons
  • Summer Sklenicka
  • Jackson Schrock
  • Sherril Brown
  • Dianne McAuliffe
  • Glenn Yeakel

Congregational Life

Coordination with the Deacons for all church events, such as funerals, church dinners, and other activities (subcommittee of the Deacons).
  • Joan Craddock
  • Jim Gann
  • Marsha Kreuz
  • Penny Kamish

Worship and Music


Jill Carlee
  • Cindy Anderson
  • Carol Brennan
  • Claire Brennan
  • Carrie Brown
  • Kelly Craddock
  • Phyllis Haeseler
  • Nelda Henderson
  • Chris Kopp
  • Kathy Millard

Christian Education


Traci Kilby


Emma Cottrell
  • Lisa Herrold
  • Melissa Gann
  • Carrie Gilbert
  • Lynn Robertson
  • Marsha Kreuz

Memorial Garden Committee


Hank Isaacs
  • Toni Gindlesperger
  • Phyllis Haeseler
  • Nanci Faulkner