We are a family of faith, growing in Christ, worshipping and serving with joy.
We never could have imagined what kind of year 2020 was going to be, with all the transitions and uncertainty. However, together – we can do great things. Let’s move forward boldly to engage and connect ALL our members and friends in worship, programs, and mission work.
The truly remarkable thing and what has given us unshakable hope – is seeing all the ways in which our church family has stepped into the uncertainty with creativity, courage, generosity, and love. Even when things felt scary, different, and challenging, we have never forgotten that we belong to God, and we belong to each other. Hope is the word we return to, at the end of this trying year.
Community Presbyterian Church is a community built on hope, and we are forever grateful to walk alongside you on our faith journey in the love of Christ. Please connect to explore how we can build a strong future together. Hope can truly anchor the soul!