Website standards

Use this page as a reference for website standards.

  1. Presentation:

    1. Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the site. If you make a standards change, apply it to all pages.

      1. Consistent and appropriate usage of font size​s.

      2. Maintain clean alignment of objects.

      3. Use headers on pages.

    2. Use 2nd person​ narrative.

  2. Functional​:

    1. If you include some​thing on our website, it must work. It is understandable that features evolve overtime but all production implemented code must work and be completed as of current requirements.

    2. All features must function in all modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.  Test your feature in those browsers.

    3. All features must function on all modern hardware such as desktops, tablets and smart phones. Test your feature on those devices.

    4. Contact us such as emails, phone #'s etc, should be links to the Staff page to their anchor. This way we don't have that contact information spread throughout the site when changes happen.  Yup, changes indeed do happen. For non-CPC staff, local contact information is fine but know that this will be moving towards a volunteers page that has consolidated contact information like the staff page.

  3. Security:​

    1. Limit the use of email addresses on the website as crawlers use that for spamming purposes. Consider using a "Contact Us" form that ​does not show email addresses.

  4. Nitpick items:

    1. No spelling errors.

    2. Phone numbers are (area code) space exchange-number such as (904) 555-1212

    3. Email addresses are PascalCase formatted so that they are easily read.  For example

    4. Abbreviations are upper-cased such as AM, PM or ET.

      1. Exceptions are

        1. ext. for extension.

        2. etc. for etcetera.

    5. Sentences are followed by 1 space and end with a period. This gives paragraphs better legibility. Notice the 1 spaces.

    6. Avoid excessive capitalization in sentences whether it be Pascal Case and SHOUTING. Avoid excessive capitalization.  Click here for more details.

    7. Paragraphs do not start with a space or tab indentation.

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