Family Promise

Family Promise is a nonprofit, interfaith organization that works to help low-income, homeless families achieve lasting independence. Today families are the invisible homeless. They stay with family/friends, in shelters, or in their cars. Family Promise realizes that poverty is a complex problem and confronts it with a holistic, integrated approach. This approach includes community education, individualized case management with counseling, and temporary shelter/meals/hospitality. It costs about 1/3 of the amount of traditional shelters to help a family through Family Promise. 80% of the recipients return to having a home.

Family Promise was founded in 1981 by Karen Olson in the New York City area. Over the years, the organization has grown to 185 affiliates in 42 states with over 160,000 volunteers and 6000 congregations. In 2006, Family Promise came to Jacksonville and we are currently one of 16 local congregations involved in the program.

The CPC part of this program is acting as a host church for 3 separate weeks during the year. The week runs from Sunday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We provide nightly meals for the families and two hosts spend the night in the educational building with them. The meals need to serve 8-10 people and be delivered to church in the evening. The hosts arrive around 6:00 PM and leave by 6:00 AM. After eating their evening meal, the families really just want to get showers and rest since they need to leave before 6 the next morning. Volunteering is a way to be a blessing for some families from Jacksonville!


If you are interested in becoming part of this CPC volunteer experience, please contact Esther Byrd.

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